Destination, FREDGIE’S Dec 17th 2014

Do you happen to have a place that’s special to you? Not necessarily special to your spouse, but special to you?

I have such a place. It’s called Fredgie’s, and is in Jensen Beach, Florida.

Fredgie's Food Wagon / Cart

Fredgie’s Food Wagon / Cart

My mom’s favorite cousin, Sybil, lived in Jensen Beach. We visited Sybil about 3 years ago and while there were introduced to a food cart that serves soft drinks, hot dogs, and burgers. It’s located at the Causeway Bridge and over looks an excellent ICW anchorage site.

Fredgie's is a simple chuck wagon style food cart

Fredgie’s is a simple chuck wagon style food cart

While enjoying the food three years ago, I was captivated with the simplicity of the food cart juxtaposed against the beautiful anchorage. It was my plan, then, to return by boat and dinghy to Fredgie’s for lunch.

Today, it happened. While in route on our Gemini catamaran , I called the owner, Jo Neeson, and reached her. She was working the cart herself and indicated she’d look for us when we arrived.

Sure enough, as we beached our dinghy, she came down to the edge of the parking lot and greeted us. Our food was, as it is for all patrons, cooked to order. The toppings were of fresh chopped onions and peppers, homemade chili, and so forth. Excellent fare!

(Should have used my flash.)  Jo Neeson, owner, was cooking today

(Should have used my flash.) Jo Neeson, owner, was cooking today

Unfortunately I left the memory card out of the camera so the better shots (including the one of my burger and one of Diann’s dogs) didn’t happen. Fortunately the cell phone camera was used for texting my Mom about where we were- and so three shots were not lost.

Having anchored in sight of Fredgie’s, eaten well, and in general relaxed- we were blissful. I even broke out the hammock and napped from 2:30 to 4!

Another boater came to the anchorage and provided sundown entertainment as they manovered and tested a couple of spots to put their hook. Tonight we are grilling chicken. Tomorrow we will run to at least Lake Worth and perhaps eight miles more.

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