Boat Friends………Sept 5th

It truly is a wonderful benefit, of being on an extended cruise- you meet such gracious people along the way.

Mike and Lori stopped by when Diann and I were tied up at Town Dock. They have a newer Gemini and indicated they’d like to have us over to compare boats, once we were settled at Deaton’s.

Sure enough we received an email from them- which I failed to see as we were not cranking up my wide screen Toshiba on a regular basis. Fortunately they called to check in with us.

A half hour of boat work was tapered off, showers were had, and we drove our Jeep around the creek to get to SailCraft Marine, where they are having work finished.

Mike’s rum punch is wonderful. (Love the fresh citrus pieces!)

There boat is newer and so has some changes. The tow of them have personalized storage and other aspects. From their info we added ideas for Yacht A Fun.

Their blog can be found at