On to Charleston SC

We left Wrightsville Beach and went to Deep Point Marina in Southport.  Friends Dick and Nancy are live aboards there.  Dick was gracious enough to loan us his SUV for a grocery, fuel, and propane run.  On Tuesday we headed to Myrtle Beach. Calabash, SC is known primarily for its sea food restaurants. Boaters know calabash Creek as a good …

Alex RookerOn to Charleston SC

IsoTemp Water Heater- Sept 14th 2015

As the dogs say, “howl e lu yah”. The water heater is now installed in our Gemini catamaran. The electric heating version is powered up. IsoTemp is a great unit- but doesn’t have a standard screw-in element. So we had to run a new cord for plugging into either the inverter, or into the A/C electric outlet. While the inverter …

Alex RookerIsoTemp Water Heater- Sept 14th 2015

Gilbert’s Men’s Room on the docks May 6th 2015

As a fueling stop, and food stop, Diann and I enjoyed Gilbert’s in Key West. I must say, however, that I had already eaten our burgers when I ventured to the men’s room that is apparently part of the marina “amenities” for dockage patrons. Rather than comment, let’s let the photos taken on the morning of May 6th provide their …

Alex RookerGilbert’s Men’s Room on the docks May 6th 2015

Woe ‘d Out at Bull Creek- Nov 16th 2014

Years ago my maternal grandmother had a day helper once a week. Many times when my grandmother came home from work and took the helper home, the woman would exclaim, “Ms. Estelle, I be woe’d out”.   This evening Diann and I are woe’d out! We got up at 6:30AM and left our Calabash Creek anchorage around 8Am as planned. The …

Alex RookerWoe ‘d Out at Bull Creek- Nov 16th 2014

The 1929 Yacht “Belle” arrived in Southport- Nov 14th 2014

I’d just finished posting to the blog when the 1929 Yacht “Belle” rumbled her exhaust across the dock from us at Southport Marina, where our Gemini catamaran Yacht A Fun was hunkered down from the cold . I got up to see what had arrived and was impressed to see a “Humphrey Bogart” style yacht attempting to pull up to …

Alex RookerThe 1929 Yacht “Belle” arrived in Southport- Nov 14th 2014

RAIN today….Wednesday Oct 15th 2014

We couldn’t have left today, even if we had been on schedule with our maintenance list.

Alex RookerRAIN today….Wednesday Oct 15th 2014

Zoey and The Window Oct 9th 2014

Zoey, our four year old Pomeranian, bounds from the saloon seating, through the ventilation windows, to get on our queen sized bead. Tonight she peeped back at us as Diann and I were eating dinner. My first photo, taken through the port window caused Zoey to move to the starboard window. She knew I was about to “flash her” again …

Alex RookerZoey and The Window Oct 9th 2014